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Olympus Unveils the SH-2, Adding RAW to Its S Line of Compact Cameras


Olympus is getting more serious with its S series of compact cameras. Today the company announced the SH-2, a successor to the SH-1 that is mostly the same camera except for one very important difference: it can capture RAW photos.
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Olympus to Make 40MP Sensor Shift Photos Possible During Handheld Shooting


One of the main innovations found in the new Olympus OM-D E-M5 II is its ability to shoot massive 40MP photos with its 16MP sensor by doing “sensor shifting” and combining multiple shots. The main downside, however, is that you need a tripod to make sure the camera doesn’t move between shots.

That may soon change: Olympus says its working on making the sensor shift technology work even when the photographer is shooting handheld without stabilization.
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A Crazy-Looking Camera Kit with the Olympus Air, a Red Dot Sight, and a Fancy Grip


Check out this crazy-looking camera setup that looks like it can double as some kind of futuristic energy weapon. Engadget spotted and photographed this strange kit over at the CP+ trade show happening right now in Japan. Olympus is showing off a gear combo that’s possible with its new Air lens camera.
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Olympus EE-1 is a Red Dot Sight Hotshoe Attachment for Aiming at Speedy Subjects


Olympus had some pretty big camera announcements today, unveiling the E-M5 II and the Air. Lost amidst the hoopla was a small new accessory called the EE-1. It’s a red dot sight hotshoe attachment that helps you aim your camera at hard-to-track subjects.
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Olympus Air: A 16MP Camera That Uses Your Phone as Its Live View Screen


Olympus has officially announced the Air, a 16-megapixel camera that looks more like a teleconverter that has a sensor stuffed into it. The device acts as a middleman between your Micro Four Thirds lens and your smartphone, effectively turning your phone into a giant LCD screen and user interface for a modular camera.
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Olympus OM-D E-M5 II is a 16MP MFT Camera That Can Shoot 40MP with Sensor Shifting


Olympus has announced the OM-D E-M5 II, the successor to the popular E-M5 that shook up the industry back in 2012 with its retro styling. It’s a 16MP Micro Four Thirds camera that boasts a special high resolution shot feature that uses sensor shifting to capture 40MP images.
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The First Leaked Photos of the Olympus E-M5II


The first leaked photos have emerged showing the upcoming Olympus E-M5II. The camera is a followup to the popular Olympus E-M5, a camera announced back in 2012 that shook up the camera world with its retro styling.
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Olympus Showing Off New ‘Lens Camera’ Prototypes with a Rounded Design


Back in September of this year, Olympus announced that it would be trying its hand at “lens cameras” with a new “Open Platform” project. The goal is to create a camera module that features a sensor, a lens mount, and wireless pairing with a smartphone.

Early illustrations showed a cube-like camera, but Olympus is now showing off a new rounded prototype that looks a lot more like a lens than it does a camera.
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The Olympus E-M5 II Will Reportedly Keep the Same Sensor as Its Predecessor


When popular digital cameras are replaced with followup versions, photographers generally expect to see an improved sensor in the list of specifications. That may not be true with Olympus’ followup to its well-regarded E-M5 mirrorless camera: the upcoming camera will reportedly pack the exact same sensor as its predecessor.
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Rumor: The Olympus E-M5II Will Use Sensor Shift to Capture 40MP Photos with a 16MP Sensor


Some hugely innovative news is coming out of the Olympus rumor mill today. According to highly trusted sources, the followup to the Olympus OM-D E-M5 will take a page out of Hasselblad’s multi-shot book and, using its sensor shift capabilities, spit out 40MP images from its 16MP sensor! Read more…