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Watch the Commercial that Leaked the Samsung NX100

Back in August a photo from a commercial shoot leaked onto the Internet showing a mysterious white camera rumored to be the Samsung NX100. The rumor was later confirmed with further leaks and eventually the official announcement. The commercial that was being filmed finally became public recently (seen above), and shows the new i-Function lens system in action.
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Olympus E-5 and Samsung NX100 Officially Unveiled After Much Leakage

Looks like the rumors were dead on. Both the Olympus E-5 DSLR and Samsung NX1000 EVIL cameras have been officially announced by their respective companies with exactly the same design and specs that have been circulating the blogosphere. Camera makers haven’t been doing a good job at keeping their news under wraps as of late.
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Mysterious White Camera is the Samsung NX 100 After All

It looks like the mysterious white camera that we’ve been tracking is the upcoming Samsung NX100 after all (after we stated it wasn’t yesterday). Engadget received a handful of photos showing that camera will come in white, explaining why the three strange cameras leaked in the National Geographic video all look similar.

Mysterious White Samsung Camera Appears Again in Quickly Removed Video

The mysterious white camera — most likely the NX100 — that was seen in a leaked photograph from a commercial shoot recently has apparently been spotted again, this time in a National Geographic/Samsung advertisement posted to YouTube.
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Mysterious White Camera Seen in Photo, Possibly the Samsung NX100

The above photograph was recently posted to Korean forum Samsung SLR Club, and was supposedly captured during a commercial shoot for the Samsung NX100.

It wasn’t too long before the thread (and photograph) was removed from the forum. Photo Rumors was also asked to take down the photo after posting it, suggesting that the image does indeed show an upcoming — and yet-unannounced — camera.
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