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Give Dad His Hair Back with Fuzzy Face Photo Frame

The Fuzzy Face Photo Frame is reminiscent of the classic children’s toy, Wooly Willy, only applied to your most treasured family photos. Vendor Fred & Friends suggests:

Give your mom a mustache, hang a mullet on [your] ex-boyfriend, grow junior some sideburns. Simply insert any 4×6 photo and use the included magnetic wand to ‘paint’ with the iron filings.

You can “lock” the metal filings in after completing desired enhancements. Handy!

The frame is $19 from Fred & Friends.

Fuzzy Face Photo Frame (via Gizmodo)

A Digital Camera for Your Keychain

Japanese company Green House recently released the Mini Digi, an “ultra-compact” digital camera that fits on your keychain. This eye-catching gadget is only 2.5 inches wide, and captures up to 160 photographs at .3 megapixels. If you get tired of carrying it around with your keys, you can also attach it to your computer and use it as a webcam. Oh, and did we mention it shoots AVI format videos as well? The Mini Digi is available through the online store for $20.

(via Trend Hunter)