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BTS: Shooting Heisman-Winning Football Players for Nissan Advertisements

Photographer Gary Land was recently hired by Nissan to shoot a series of car advertisement photographs featuring the famous Heisman Trophy-winning football players Charles Woodson, Bo Jackson, Robert Griffin III, and Herschel Walker. Luckily for all of us, the team produced a series of behind-the-scenes videos offering short glimpses into how the photographs were created, the gear they used, and tricks they came up with to their turn ideas into reality.
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Driving Wooden Chairs in Stop-Motion

Here’s an amazing stop-motion video created for Nissan, and promoting zero emissions mobility. It’s amazing that a sense of speed and danger can be created from photographs of people sitting still in wooden chairs.

You can do this same idea with an “invisible” bike or car as well. Just take photographs of a person jumping into the air and posing as if they’re riding a bike or driving a car.