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Nikon Launches New ‘Behind the Scenes’ Instructional Video Series

Nikon USA has just joined the Google+ community, and eager as they are to make a positive impression and not seem like they’re arriving empty-handed, the company has simultaneously debuted a new 15-part instructional video series for beginners on up who like their educational content with a side of Nikon advertising. Read more…

Nikon Finally Launches Online Store for Photogs in the United States

Nikon quietly launched its new Nikon USA online store today, allowing Nikonians to buy gear directly from their beloved company rather than through a third-party. Unfortunately, the awesomeness of buying straight from the camera maker is dwarfed by the not-so-awesome prices — most cameras and lenses appear to be listed at MSRP. Thus, if you’re cost-conscious (why wouldn’t you be?) you’d be better off sticking with the larger online retailers.

(via Nikon Rumors)