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Nikon D5200 Contains a Toshiba Sensor


Toshiba is really getting invested in the world of cameras. First, they draw some attention by jumping into the CompactFlash game, claiming that theirs are the fastest CF Cards, and setting a goal to capture 1/3 of that market by 2015. Now, according to Chipworks, it looks like Toshiba has managed to get their APS-C sensor inside Nikon’s D5200. Read more…

Nikon D3200 Sensor Designed by None Other Than Nikon Itself

All the way back at the beginning of 2011, Nikon Rumors confirmed that the image sensors in Nikon’s D3, D3s, D700 and D3100 were all designed by the Japanese company itself. And now, a recent teardown of the D3200 by Chipworks shows that Nikon was behind the sensor found inside that camera as well. There has been speculation for a while that Nikon is distancing themselves from Sony sensors, and if rumors of the full-frame D600 sensor being made by Aptina turn out to be true, then the list of Nikon cameras left sporting Sony-designed sensors will be getting pretty short indeed.

(via Nikon Rumors)