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Leaked Photo Alleged to Show Nikon Mirrorless Mount and Sensor

This photo that allegedly shows the mount and sensor on Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless camera was just leaked onto the Chinese forum Xitek. My initial reaction was, “wow, that sensor looks small!”. However, the camera is in fact rumored to have a relatively small 2.6x crop sensor (by comparison, the new Pentax Q has a 5.7x crop sensor).
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Nikon Rumored to Announce Mirrorless Pro Camera in April 2011

Nikon’s entry into the mirrorless camera market may only be a few months away. Mirrorless Rumors is reporting that, according to “good sources”, Nikon will unveil a new mirrorless system in April 2011. Unlike the existing EVIL cameras on the market today (e.g. Sony NEX, Samsung NX, and Micro Four Thirds cameras), the new system will not be geared towards amateurs and photo enthusiasts, but rather professional photographers.
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Nikon Expects 50% of the Interchangeable Lens Pie by Going EVIL

Photokina 2010 came and went without any bombshell EVIL announcements by Canon or Nikon, but murmurs about impending cameras persist. According to Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes, Nikon is ready to enter the “mirrorless DSLR-similar camera” market:

Japan-based camera brand Nikon expects its new mirrorless DSLR-similar camera will help expand its market share in the interchangeable-lens camera (ILC) market in the Asia Pacific to 40% in 2011 and 50% in 2012, according to the company.

As Sony and Samsung Electronics have both recently entered the DSLR-similar camera market, Nikon pointed out that the DSLR-similar cameras should not cause damage toward the sales of traditional DSLR, instead the model has helped increase consumer acceptance of ILC.

For comparison, Nikon’s market share in Taiwan was about 25% earlier his year, but they hope to reach 35% by the end of 2010 by addressing supply issues.

If the details posted by DigiTimes are legitimate, then we should be seeing a Nikon EVIL camera announcement very soon… perhaps at CES 2011 in early January?

Nikon to enter mirrorless DSLR camera market (via Nikon Rumors)

Image credit: Pie Chart by atomicShed

Nikon Apparently Believes Going EVIL Not Lucrative Enough… Yet

In a recent poll, our readers predicted that Canon would introduce an electronic viewfinder, interchangeable lens (EVIL) camera ahead of Nikon.

Both companies have been tight-lipped about their plans in this space, but in a recent Q&A session published to Nikon’s website, Imaging Company President Yasuyuki Okamoto briefly spoke on the topic of EVIL cameras:

Q: What can you tell us about the new-generation digital cameras?
A: Although we considered a variety of so-called mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras for the digital SLR camera market, we discern the appropriate timing for the launch of our new-generation digital cameras based on the direction of the market demand.

The quote suggests that Nikon does indeed have EVIL on their roadmap, but is allowing other companies to test the waters before jumping in.

It’s also be good news for those who are waiting for Nikon to bust out an EVIL camera, since it shows they’re definitely planning to join the party. The wait may soon be over — a recent report published by BCN (in Japanese) found that EVIL cameras are approaching a 30% share of the interchangeable lens market.

How do you interpret this quote?

(via Nikon Rumors)