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Beautifully-Crafted Crystal SLRs Will Catch the Light, They Just Can’t Capture It


If you wanna show off your photo nerdiness in the classiest way possible (without buying a $25K limited edition Leica, that is) we might have just the thing for you. Created by Fotodiox, these crystal cameras — available in the shape of a Nikon D90 or a Canon 7D — are sure to class up any photographer’s bookshelf or den. Read more…

Beautiful Macro Time-Lapse with Soap Bubbles and Magnetism

Photographer Kim Pimmel created this amazing abstract time-lapse using a Nikon D90 and Nikkor 60mm macro lens. What you see is ferrofluid traveling between soap bubbles toward a magnet. No video was used — every frame of the video was shot as a still photo.


The Pure Joy of Getting Your First DSLR

Do you remember how you felt when you get your hands on your first DSLR camera? Perhaps it was something like what this woman felt after receiving a Nikon D90. Even if you’re a Canonite or the Tin Woodman, this video will probably still bring a smile to your face. Nikon needs to contact these people and turn this into a commercial.

(via Nikon Rumors)

3D Portraits with Two Nikon D90 DSLRs

Stereo Portrait Project, by Alex Fry and Jamie Nimmo, is a 3D photography exhibition documenting Australian creatives. Their version 1.0 rig used two Nikon D90 DSLR cameras attached to a custom camera rig, separated by a distance that is intended to emulate human eyes.

They tell Nikon Rumors,

To synchronize the cameras we used an RF trigger split out to two preload shutter release cables. We tested how fast we could sync both shutters together with the flashes, and got reliable sync up to 1/160 speed. Giving us the ability to have people move around, talk to us and not inhibit their performance. This was very important since hands in front of the body look fantastic in 3d.

The photographs were sorted in Aperture, exported to Nuke (compositing software) and tweaked, and finally combined into 3D photos. Here’s an example:

Sadly, you’ll need 3D glasses to appreciate these photographs. I just ordered a pair for about $1.50 on eBay, since it’ll probably be useful to have a pair lying around as 3D continues to explode.

The show is running at the Oh Really Gallery in Sydney, Australia from May 27 to June 10, 2010.

Stereo Portrait Project (via Nikon Rumors)

How Not to Paint Your Nikon D90 Pink

Kai at DigitalRev was recently given the challenge of painting a Nikon D90 pink magenta. He chooses to dismantle the camera in order to paint individual components, but works on it as carefully as one would work on a steak. At one point he even gets an electric shock from the components, though we’re wondering why he didn’t simply remove the battery. The camera miraculously looks somewhat normal in the end, but several parts are broken in the process (LCD won’t turn on, and popup flash wont’ go down).

What’s interesting is that he takes the pink camera to the Nikon headquarters along with a hidden camera. His interaction with the customer service there is quite hilarious.

Here’s the video of the whole “adventure”. It’s a bit long, and might anger you, but you get to see the internals of a Nikon D90 if you find that sort of thing interesting!

So anyhow, painting your camera like this is definitely something to be avoided. If you’ve successfully painted your camera without breaking it, leave a comment letting us know!

(via PopPhoto)