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Future Camera Bag Essential: Night Vision Eyedrops?


If you’re a photographer who often shoots in very dark environments, would you want night vision eyedrops to help you see better without artificial illumination? It sounds like science fiction, but we’re actually getting closer to having it be possible as an item for camera bags.

A team of “biohackers” have announced that they’ve figured out how to enhance human night vision by dripping a chemical onto eyeballs.
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Sony Reveals Insane A7s Low-Light Demo, But How Much Will Night Vision Cost?

With only a 12-megapixel sensor and ISO expandable all the way up to 409,600 for both stills and video, everybody knew that that the Sony A7s was going to be a low-light beast… and yet the performance is still taking us by surprise.

Yesterday a short demo video shot at NAB was shared online to a plethora of “oohs” and “aahs,” and today, the Sony How To YouTube channel released yet another mind-blowing demonstration of the camera’s night-vision capabilities. Read more…

Malware Disguised as Night Vision Camera App Empties Your Wallet


With 98% of mobile malware being directed towards the Android operating system, it’s no surprise that the Google Play Store contains more than a few insidious applications that intend to do you harm.

The most recent of these to make headlines is an app uncovered by AVAST, which hides behind the thin facade of a night vision camera app and does its best to empty out your wallet. Read more…

Amazing Night Vision Cam Captures Full Color HD Instead of the Classic Green

When we say ‘night vision’ camera, what sort of image does that bring to mind? Probably something green, or maybe grey if you’re into IR, but definitely not 720p footage shot in full color. Well, that may change soon if the newly announced Falcon Eye KC-2000 night vision camera delivers on its promises. Read more…

A Pint-Sized Night Vision Camera That’s No Larger Than a CF Card


JTT has released what looks to be the smallest consumer night vision camera in existence. About the size of your typical CF card, the CHOBi CAM 3 can snap 11MP photos and take 1080p video for up to 120 minutes on a charge — and it does it all in the dark. Read more…

A Night-Vision Lens Used by US Military Photographers

Think your lens is good in low-light conditions? Check out this Nikon D700 with a Nightstalker II night-vision system attached — standard issue for the Navy’s Combat Camera unit. PopPhoto has published an interesting article that offers a glimpse into what life is like as a US military photographer. You an also see an example photo shot with the above lens here.

Life as a US Military Photographer (via Nikon Rumors)

Night Vision Compact Camera Lets You Shoot in Absolute Darkness

The Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision camera by ThinkGeek is a compact camera specially designed for infrared photography. Instead of permanently removing the IR filter from a traditional digital camera, the Midnight Shot allows the filter to be retracted when you want to use it as an IR camera. It shoots 5 megapixel stills, VGA video, and has built-in IR illumination that lets you shoot and film in complete darkness.
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Nikon D5100 Photos Leaked, Rumored to Boast ISO 102400

Nikon will reportedly announce the new D5100 DSLR tomorrow (late tonight for those in the US), and photographs of the camera were leaked onto the Interwebs today. We’ll be reporting on the specs tomorrow, but an interesting rumor is that the camera will have a “Night Vision” option that boosts ISO up to a mind-blowing 102400, allowing you to shoot in near-darkness. Stay tuned for the official announcement!

(via Nikon Rumors)

How to Convert a Cheap Digicam into a Night Vision Camera

This neat DIY video shows how you can convert an ordinary digital camera into a night vision camera. The video uses a digital video camera, but the same concept can be applied to still cameras as well.

Digital camera sensors are sensitive to both visible and infrared (IR) light. However, there’s a special IR filter used to block IR light from the sensor, keeping images from being washed out. If this special filter is removed, the camera can be made sensitive to IR light. The hack in this video involves replacing the filter with the black end of a film negative, and then using red and blue lighting gels on a flashlight to have it give off mostly IR light. The result is a camera/flashlight setup that can be used to take stills and videos in the dark where ordinary cameras can’t.

This is similar to the pricey modifications you can have done to your DSLR to use it as an infrared camera.