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New York Times Puts Instagram Image on the Front Page


In November of 2010, The New York Times made headlines of their own when they chose four Hipstamatic photos to grace their front page. And now, Instagram is getting in on the action as well. For Sunday’s paper, the NYT decided to use a photo of Alex Rodriguez taken by photographer Nick Laham in a locker room bathroom using an iPhone and edited in Instagram. Read more…

Instagram Portraits of the Yankees Shot Inside a Bathroom-Turned-Studio

When commercial sports photographer Nick Laham arrived at photo day during the New York Yankees’ spring training last Monday, he had to compete with a legion of photographers for space and time. He ended up occupying one of the bathrooms in the facility, turning it into a makeshift studio. After capturing the photos he needed with his “actual” camera, he decided to pull out his iPhone and capture some Instagram portraits as well. The resulting images can be seen on Laham’s blog, and are available for licensing over at Getty.
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