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How to Disappear Into the Horizon

Here’s a creative self-portrait by Dutch photographer Joeri Bosma. It’s neat how the waterline on his shirt makes him look like he’s transparent.

(via Colossal)

Image credit: Photograph by Joeri Bosma and used with permission

Stop-Motion Within a Stop-Motion Using 2335 Printed Photos

Freelance videographer Dave Wallace made this creative stop-motion video for ClickPixx using 2335 printed photos. By patiently swapping the photos in and out of 10 picture frames arranged on a wall, Wallace managed to create a stop-motion video within a stop-motion video. You can also find a behind-the-scenes video here to see how it was made.

GoPro Helmet Camera Shows What Being Two Looks Like

Reddit user rocketchef strapped a GoPro video camera to a bike helmet and had their two-year-old daughter wear it during a trip to the playground. The resulting footage is a fun look at what the world looks like to a two-year-old.
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The World Shot Through a Light Bulb

Flickr user Henrique Feliciano Silva made this neat photograph by hollowing out a light bulb, filling it with water, hanging it upside down on his balcony, and shooting his neighborhood through it with a shallow depth of field.

(via Photojojo)

Image credit: Bulb City – EXPLORE Apr 5, 2011 #48 by red_lion and used with permission

Creative Mock Macbook Air Ad Shot with the Canon 5D Mark II

Film student Zach King and his sister made this creative mock commercial for the Macbook Air using a Canon 5D Mark II, some string and a lot of imagination.
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Digital Photos Turned into View-Master Wedding Invitations

New York-based design consultancy Mélangerie helps customers make custom View-Master wedding invitations that display photos in full-color Kodachrome. All they need are 7 high-res photos and a short snippet of text for each one. They’re pretty pricey though: 100 invites will set you back $3450.

Melangerie on Etsy (via OhGizmo! via Laughing Squid)

How to Magically Grow Hair through Stop Motion

When his friend Tom Offer-Westort decided to shave off his hair and massive beard, Peter Simon suggested that they take advantage of the opportunity and do it in style. This stop-motion video is what resulted.

(via Reddit via Laughing Squid)

MC Escher Painting Photographed in a Drop of Water

It took Steven Silton two hours and 150 tries to capture this amazing photograph of a water drop showing an MC Escher painting.

The hardest part was focusing, in the set up picture I posted in the first comment you can see a piece of string above the eye dropper. I would let that hang down off the eye dropper and focus on that, then move it and squeeze the dropper and the shutter at almost the same time. [#]

He used a Canon 7D and 60mm macro lens, shooting at ISO 640, f/2.8, and 1/250.
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Polaroid Photo of a Polaroid Tattoo

Flickr user Rachel Carrier captured this photo of her awesome Polaroid tattoo on Polaroid 690 film. It’s one of the coolest photo tattoos I’ve seen.

(via KEH)

Image credit: by Rachel Carrier and used with permission

Give Your Shadow a Real Camera

Here’s a concept for you to play around with over the weekend: give your shadow a real camera to shoot with!

(via tokyo camera style)