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Creative Stop-Motion Music Video Using a Boatload of Prints

Photographer Nathan Seabrook made this creative stop-motion music video for the band Yuba Diamond. Despite what your eyes might tell you to believe, no computer trickery was used. Instead, Seabrook used roughly 1700 separate prints and some old fashioned techniques (e.g. fishing line and projecting scenes onto the background) for all the animations and effects seen in the video.

Music Made Entirely from Camera Sounds

Lv Sisi created this music video, titled “Digital Analogue”, using only sounds recorded from a collection of antique cameras and 6,000 individual photographs carefully shot and edited together into an artistic stop-motion video.

(via NYIP)

Time-lapse Music Video Uses Apartment Buildings for Light Show

Film director André Chocron created this beautiful music video for the song “Time is of the essence” by Cold Mailman using time-lapse and tons of time-consuming editing. The time-lapse stills were shot over two weeks using a Canon 7D and Nikon D300, but that wasn’t the difficult part — editing the video to have the apartment buildings serve as equalizers for the music took a whopping three months!

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Music Video Shows 7 Seconds from a High-speed Train Played in Slow-motion

Last year we featured a pretty neat slow motion video shot from a moving train. British band SixToes decided to use the same idea for a music video, placing people all along the platform doing various things, and slowing down 7 seconds of footage into an entire music video.

The idea could be improved on by having what’s happening on the platform reflect what’s being sung in the song, but would require tons of planning and perfect timing — though the end product would be totally mind-boggling.

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Photographer David LaChapelle Sues Rihanna For Being a Copycat

Fashion photographer David LaChapelle is launching a lawsuit against Rihanna over the controversial music video for her song S&M. LaChapelle alleges that “the music video is directly derived from and substantially similar to the LaChapelle works” and that it copied the “composition, total concept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colors, props, settings, decors, wardrobe and lighting” of eight of his photographs.
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Creative Music Video Mixes Photo Flip Books with Video

This award-winning music video for the song “Squeeze Me” by Kraak & Smaak features creative photo flip book animations. Rather than use special effects, actual still frames were printed as photos and assembled into the flip books that overlay the scenes.

(via Laughing Squid)

Music Video Tells Beautiful Story About a Magical Polaroid 636

This is a low budget music video directed by sixtwelve for the song “The Better Man” by Cayetano, and filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II. The story centers around an old Polaroid 636 received as a birthday present.
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Don’t Be Stupid, Red Eye Flashes Twice

“Red Eye Flashes Twice” is a humorous photography-related song by YouTube personality Julian Smith in which he delivers an important public service announcement: don’t be stupid, red eye flashes twice.

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Music Video Made with Timelapse and 3D Light Painted Words

After photographer Ross Ching came across Dentsu London’s creative 3D light painting technique with an iPad, he decided to give it a try, combining it with timelapse photography to make a music video for “I’ll Try Anything Once” by The Strokes (seen above). The app he used was Holographium, which you can pick up for $5 from the app store.
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OK Go Music Video Uses Stop Motion and 2,430 Pieces of Toast

OK Go, the kings of viral music videos, just released their latest video for the song “Last Leaf“. It’s a stop motion video in which individual pieces of toast are used as each frame of the animation. 15 still shots (made with the Samsung NX100) were used for each second in the resulting video, with the final video using 2,430 pieces of toast.

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