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Photog Creates Unique Save-the-Dates by Mimicking Popular Movie Posters


What started as soon-to-be-wed couple’s idea to recreate a single movie poster quickly turned into a creative collection of awesome save-the-dates when Dave Dicicco and Rachael Batts employed the services of friend and Nashville-based wedding photographer Andres Martinez. Read more…

‘Head Shots’ Photo Series Parodies Violent Posters by Making the Photog the Victim


Artist Jon Burgerman thinks there are too many violent film posters greeting us everywhere we go. These posters of movie and TV show characters holding weapons are all too common, and most of them show the protagonist brandishing their weapon right at the viewer.

And so, Burgerman decided to fight back using a little bit of fake blood, a sense of humor and photography. Read more…

Movie Posters Show Our Changing Color Bias Over the Years

Software engineer Vijay Pandurangan had a theory, that turned into an experiment, that ultimately turned into some pretty interesting results. His theory was that over the years our color bias, specifically where movie posters are concerned, has gone more dark and blue. To test this he analyzed 35,000 posters from 1914 to present day and came up with the visual representation pictured above. Read more…