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miggo is the World’s First Camera Strap That Doubles as a Padded Case


miggo is an innovative new camera accessory that can serve two purposes. It can be used as a padded strap, but when you’re done shooting, the strap can be transformed into a protective case for your precious camera.
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Researchers Find a Way to Show 80 Years of Aging by Morphing a Single Photo


In crazy-bordering-on-creepy-but-also-super-fascinating news, researchers at the University of Washington have found a new technique to simulate the aging process of human faces over the course of almost eight decades … using nothing more than a single photo. Read more…

Star Trek Face Morphs Combine Faces of Past and Present Star Trek Actors


Well, here’s one for the Trekkies… yes, I’m looking at you Cheri. Reddit user and Star Trek enthusiast Pedro Berg Johnsen (better known as ThatNordicGuy) took it upon himself to blend the faces of the Star Trek: The Original Series stars with their modern-day counterparts.

The resulting images have sparked some interesting conversation about how good a job the casting directors of the new Star Trek films did. Many of the actors blend together incredibly well. Read more…

Amalgamation: A Trippy Face Morphing Experiment Using Portrait Photos

French animator and photographer Micaƫl Reynaud took a large number of black & white head shots by photographer Michael Jang and turned them into this super trippy video showing the faces morph through a ripple effect. You can also find an animated GIF of the morphing here.