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“I Hereby Dub Thee Ultra High-Definition,” CEA Tells 4K. Sony Grumbles

4K-resolution video capabilities are finding their way into more and more cameras these days, even though monitors that can display the resolution currently cost as much as one or two family sedans. Heck, even the tiny new GoPro Hero3 can shoot 4K, albeit at a semi-useless 15fps.

Although photographers and filmmakers can’t do too much with 4K footage at the moment, there will come a time when it’s the new 1080p. When that time comes, will we still be calling it “4K”? If the Consumer Electronics Association has its way: no.
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The ‘S’ in Canon’s EF-S Lens Mount Stands for “Small Image Circle”

If you’re a crop sensor Canon shooter, you may have learned in the past that the ‘S’ in EF-S stands for “Short-Back Focus”. Well, that’s not true anymore. The lens mount was originally for lenses with rear elements closer to the sensor plane than in EF lenses, but there are recent EF-S lenses that eschew the short back design. The moniker now stands for “Small Image Circle”, as evidenced by this technical report.

(via The Digital Picture)

Image credit: Canon EF-S 10-22 f/3.5-4.5 by Pixeloflight