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Roaming the Sidewalks of Derby with Street Photographer Bruce Gilden

Magnum street photographer Bruce Gilden shoots his candid portraits on sidewalks by walking right up to strangers and sticking his camera and flash up into their faces, as seen in the “walking NYC streets” video we featured last year. In the behind-the-scenes video above, British Journal of Photography editor Olivier Laurent follows Gilden around as he shoots a project in Derby, England.

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The Story of Legendary Photo Editor John G. Morris

Photo editor John G. Morris is a legendary photo editor who played a huge role in how we perceived major world events in the 20th century. Here’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look at his role in shaping history.

Blind Visual Artist Pete Eckert Makes Photographs Without Seeing

Pete Eckert didn’t start out too seriously in photography. Trained in sculpture and industrial design, he was working as a carpenter when one day a doctor diagnosed him with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic eye condition that leads to permanent blindness. He eventually discovered photography and has been doing amazing work since. The beautifully made video above sheds light on how he goes about creating art despite his visual impairment.
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A Look at Photographic Darkrooms Before They Become History

Here’s a short video by The Guardian looking at the rapid demise of photographic darkrooms and photographer Richard Nicholson’s project of capturing these spaces across London before they become just another chapter in photographic history.

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Street Photography with Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist

Here’s a short and very interesting behind-the-scenes documentary with Scott Schuman, who has made a name for himself in the fashion industry by roaming the streets of big cities, capturing beautiful photographs of fashion, and publishing them to his website The Sartorialist.

How Film is Made: Behind the Scenes at a Kodak Factory in 1958

A couple days ago we featured a video showing how memory cards are made, and now here’s an older video about an older medium. It’s a short documentary created back in 1958 showing how Kodak creates its film. The narration is in Dutch, but there’s English subtitles.
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