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Marwencol: An Acclaimed Movie About Photography and an Imaginary World

We love sharing about photography-related movies that you might want to add to your “films to watch” list, and today we have a great one: Marwencol. It’s a documentary about Mark Hogancamp, a man who was beaten nearly to death back in 2000 outside a bar (leaving him little memory of his previous life), and how he turned to photographing action figures in a miniature world as a form of “art therapy”. The photographs — which you can browse here — are incredible in their realism and creativity, and attracted the attention of magazines and art galleries.

The movie scored a ridiculous 98% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes, and is available on NetFlix (might be a little difficult to find outside NetFlix).

Thanks for the tip, Dave!

Large Objects Shot as Miniatures Using a Giant Coin and Tilt-Shift Effects

Norwegian design studio Skrekk√łgle — the one that printed a photo with a cremated dog — has a creative project called “Big Money” in which they made a giant 20:1 replica of a 50 cent Euro coin. They then placed the coin next to large objects and photographed them together, making the objects look like tiny toy replicas.
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Amazing Photographs of Apocalyptic Miniatures by Lori Nix

Lori Nix is a photographer that works with miniatures and models for surreal scenes and landscapes. Her work reminds us of the photographs by Matthew Albanese that we featured a while back. Her project “The City” depicts eerie abandoned buildings in an apocalyptic world:

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