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iPhone App Calculates Calories from Food Photographs

As the world of photography collides with the world of computing in smart phones, we will undoubtedly be seeing many mind-boggling applications (e.g. augmented reality translation) that utilize cell phone cameras in the near future. A new app called Meal Snap fits that description — it’s an app that analyzes photos you take of food, telling you both the ingredients and the number of calories you’ll be consuming. It’s only available for iOS 4+ and costs $3 from the App Store.

With the way consumer cameras are going, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of feature built into future cameras!

Meal Snap (via CNET)

Creative Twenty-Four Hour Panoramic View of the Sky

Chris Kotsiopoulos of GreekSky created this mind-boggling panoramic photo of the sky that shows the passing of a day. He writes,

You can read about his process and some challenges he faced here. Kotsiopoulos is also the photographer behind the beautiful stacked lightning photograph we featured a while back.

Image credit: Photograph by Chris Kotsiopoulos and used with permission

The Amazing High Speed Bullet Photography of Alexander Augusteijn

If you think shooting fast moving animals is difficult, try shooting bullets slicing water drops. That’s the kind of mind-boggling photography that Alexander Augusteijn does. There’s no tricks or clever Photoshop manipulations involved… just dedication and a whole lotta patience.
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