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Amazing Deal: Snap Up a Sony NEX-5T Kit for Only $300 Today, $150 Cheaper Than Ever Before


The Sony NEX-5T, a fantastic little mirrorless camera, has never sold for anything less than $450 on Amazon. In fact, right now, both B&H and Amazon have the body only priced at $500. Which is why it’s both surprising and exciting that the 5T kit with a 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens is going for $300! Read more…

Rumor: Canon to Get Serious About Mirrorless in 2015, Has a Full Frame MILC in the Works


It’s almost too much to hope for, so we’ll tell you to start with the salt and go from there on this rumor. Apparently, sources are saying Canon is finally going to get serious about mirrorless cameras this upcoming year by releasing an all-new mirrorless camera that will sport a full-frame sensor. *insert high pitch noises here* Read more…

Fujifilm Interchangeable Lens Camera to Be All Black and Offer Handgrip

This is the latest leaked photo of Fujifilm’s upcoming interchangeable lens camera, reportedly called either the X1 or LX10. The camera will probably be closer in size to the X100, though it will have an all black look that resembles the X10. There also appears to be some kind of handgrip on the camera, something that seemed likely after handgrip mounts were spotted in earlier leaked photos. We’ll probably see an official announcement sometime in the next month or two.

(via omuser via Photo Rumors)

Leaked Photos of Fujifilm’s Upcoming Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless Camera

Fujifilm is set to release an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera — likely styled like the X100 and X10 — in February 2012, and details about the camera are already starting to leak onto the Internet. Six photos that appear to show the upcoming camera were leaked on Chinese forum Xitek, but were quickly taken down. PhotoRumors writes that the new camera will be called the Fuji LX and will pack an APS-C sensor.
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Leica to Announce New Compact System Camera at Photokina 2012

Leica is reportedly working on a compact, large-sensor, interchangeable lens camera that will rival the “EVIL” cameras offered by Olympus/Panasonic (Micro Four Thirds), Sony (NEX), and Samsung (NX). In an interview today with Amateur Photographer, company boss Alfred Schopf stated that consumers “will see something at the next Photokina”, and that the camera will have at least an APS-C sized sensor. Perhaps the new camera will be how Leica finds its way again after being late to the digital game.

(via Amateur Photographer)

Cisco Kills Off the Flip Video Camera

Goodbye Flip Video camera. Cisco announced today that they’re killing off the camera line in an attempt to refocus their consumer electronics business. They purchased the company behind the camera, Pure Digital Technologies, back in 2009. Flip Video cameras have long held the bestselling spots for camcorders on websites like Amazon by offering both HD video recording and convenient transferring with a built-in USB connection, but competition from rival camcorders and the introduction of HD video in smartphones (e.g the iPhone) has eaten into Cisco’s market share.

With the rate camera technologies are progressing on phones, makers of compact cameras are being forced to innovate lest their cameras go the way of the Flip. Perhaps that’s why manufacturers are moving into large sensor cameras as phones invade the compact camera market.

(via AllThingsD)

Image credit: Flip Cameras by rhondda.p

A Primer on the Mirrorless Camera Craze

If you’ve been out of the loop when it comes to emergence of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILC, AKA EVIL), David Pogue over at the New York Times has an interesting article introducing them:

That’s why, for years, there were two kinds of cameras: pocket models, with tiny sensors that produce blurry or grainy photos in low light and S.L.R. cameras, those big-sensor, big-body, heavy black beasts used by professionals.

In the last couple of years, though, things have changed. There’s a new class of camera whose size (both body and sensor) falls in between those two time-honored extremes. They represent a rethinking of every single design element, a jettisoning of every nonessential component, in pursuit of a tiny, big-sensor camera. Because that, after all, is what the world really wants.

Do you think these cameras are “what the world really wants”?

The Holy Grail: Small Cameras, Big Sensors [NYTimes]

Image credit: Sony NEX-5 w/ Minolta 55mm f/1.7 by pabuk