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Here’s a List of Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say to Clients When Trying to Book a Wedding

Author’s note: Some of the content in the video may be considered inappropriate.

Here to show us what not to say to clients when trying to book a wedding is none other than the most proud shooter of RAW, Jared Polin.

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A Gathering of Some Powerful People

Now here’s a photograph you don’t get to shoot everyday: the White House Flickr stream published a photograph of the most powerful man in the world having dinner with the most powerful people in Silicon Valley. In terms of photography-related technologies, what you see is Picasa on the left, iPhone and Facebook Photos on either side of the President, and Flickr in red on the far end.

Being present at meetings like this is yet another reason why it must be awesome to be Pete Souza, President Obama’s photographer.

Image credit: P021711PS-0705 by The White House