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Phase One Announces 40mm-80mm f/4–5.6 Lens for Its Digital 645 System


When it comes to medium format photography, prime lenses are the norm. The size, weight and quality of construction of lenses are all areas of constraint for medium format over DSLRs or mirrorless, and so zoom lenses are more of a rarity.

However, there are always impressive exceptions to the rule, which is exactly what Phase One has done with its second-ever zoom lens for the 645 digital medium format system. Read more…

Shooting Larger Than Full-Frame Without Breaking the Bank or Carrying a Tank

When you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, sometimes the best bet is to wander off the beaten path and take an alternate route. The ‘road less travelled’ if you will.

As demonstrated by DigitalRev in the video above, this can mean taking a step back in time if you’re wanting to shoot something larger than full-frame without, “breaking your bank or your arm.” Read more…

Photographer Uses Stones as His Canvas for Portrait Photo Prints


Madhava Bence Kalmar is a 22-year-old Hungarian photographer who’s currently studying at the University of Brighton in the UK. Passionate about experimental and portrait photography, he has been working on a project that combines the two. It’s called “Stone and Silver,” and involves printing black and white photographs on rocks instead of traditional mediums.
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Tintype Portraits of Photography Students Created on Their Discarded Film Canisters

11_Student Tintype_004 copy

Photographer David Emitt Adams experiments with unique metal bases in his experiments with tintype photography. Last week we shared a project in which he used abandoned tin cans found in a desert to create tintype photographs.

36 Exposures is another project of his that uses unconventional materials for creating old school photos. It’s a series of tintype photographs that were created using 35mm film canisters.
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Twitter Founders Launch Medium, a New Site that Democratizes Online Publishing

Obvious Corp, the company that spawned Twitter, has unveiled a new project called Medium. It’s a site that attempts to revolutionize how online publishing is done.

Instead of content being centralized around individual people, it features photographs and text grouped into themed collections. Content within collections can be sorted by how “interesting” viewers rated it to be.
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Pentax Joins Medium Format DSLR Game

Pentax has unveiled the 645D, a medium format DSLR with impressive specs and a (relatively) low price of ~$9,400. The 40 megapixel camera has a 33mm x 44mm sensor, 3 inch LCD screen, and is designed to be compatible with the existing 645 lens system. Features include 11 autofocus points, a dust removal mechanism, 77-segment multi-pattern metering, 1.1 fps, ISO 200-1000 (expandable to 100-1600), a built in HDR mode, and dynamic-range expansion.

Last month, many of you balked at the $19,995 price tag of Hasselblad’s newly announced H4D-40 camera, which also contains a 40MP sensor. However, a vast majority would also consider switching to medium format digital photography if it became more affordable. Looks like things are heading in that direction.

The 645D will be available in May 2010.

Update: Photo Rumors is reporting that there are currently no plans for the 645D to be sold in the US. Here’s what Adorama tweeted:

Pentax’s US rep just told me there are no plans to sell the 645D or 55mm lens in the US. Bummer.