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Creating 3D Portraits Using an Array of Digital Cameras


Chilean visual artist Felipe Baeza is doing some pretty interesting work with Matrix-style camera rigs. Instead of bullet time videos, Baeza uses his rig to create 3D portraits of subjects that can then be displayed in augmented reality or through a 3D model viewer.
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Exploding Hydrogen Balloons Shot Matrix-style with 24 Canon DSLRs

To capture “portraits of the sun” and to illustrate its power, General Electric filled 20 weather balloons with hydrogen and helium, surrounded them with 24 Canon DSLR cameras (18 7Ds and 6 60Ds), and shot the balloons exploding Matrix-style.

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How to Shoot Fun Matrix-style Freeze Motion Videos with Friends

If you want to make a “bullet time” video like the kind made famous by The Matrix, you don’t need a gigantic budget or 52 DSLRs lined up in a row. Just get a large group of friends, stand in a circle around your subjects, and snap pictures at the same time! recently held an event called “See You Around Hong Kong” where large groups of photography enthusiasts gathered to do just that.

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