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Protip: Pick an Unusual Vantage Point

Phaidon Press has released another one minute tip by photojournalist Steve McCurry, who suggests picking “an unusual vantage point”. If you stay at street level it’s sometimes difficult to capture a shot that hasn’t been captured countless times before (especially in a popular tourist destination). Getting to a location that’s not easy to gain access to can help you capture a more unique perspective.

Photojournalist Steve McCurry’s Advice: “Don’t Forget to Say Hello”

Renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry, the man behind “Afghan Girl“, offers this piece of advice regarding photographing people in public: “don’t forget to say hello”. It’s part of one-minute masterclass series by Phaidon Press.

(via Eric Kim)

BBC Offers Nature Photo Masterclasses

If you’re yearning to take photos of the great outdoors, the BBC Wildlife Magazine website now offers free downloadable Masterclasses.

Each PDF contains a simple, topical lesson written by a pro wildlife photographer who provides tips and photo techniques, gear recommendations, and beautiful example photos.

The Masterclasses are archived pages from past issues of the magazine, but the tips they offer are timeless. These lessons are an inspiring read for photographers of any level.

(via Nature Magnified)