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German Flash and Lighting Accessory Manufacturer Metz Files for Insolvency

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German electronics manufacturer Metz has officially filed for insolvency. Known by photographers mostly for its lineup of speedlights and other lighting gear, the primarily television manufacturer says production and support will continue, at least for the time being. Read more…

Attention Camera Marketing Departments: Tell Me About the Sensor

Since its spec sheet leaked on Monday, there’s been plenty of buzz surrounding Pentax’s newly-released K-3 APS-C DSLR. Many are particularly atwitter about the K-3’s unique anti-aliasing system, which relies on a vibrating sensor to remove moire-effects. Because it’s not filter-based, the effect can be turned off.

Therefore, the K-3 offers the moire-eliminating effect of an anti-aliasing filter when it’s needed, and the greater sharpness of a filterless sensor when it’s not. Not only do people care about this innovation, but for many it was a cardinal feature of the camera. Read more…

Pioneer to Enter Digital Camera Industry

Japanese electronics giant Pioneer is dipping its toes in the digital camera industry. It has partnered with camera maker Asia Optical to make Pioneer branded cameras in Brazil to sell in the Chinese market. The company aims to have sales of half a million units by 2015. Up to this point, the company had focused on things like car audio systems, television, and DVD players. It’ll be interesting to see if Pioneer can find a foothold and steal some market share from the big players.

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Leica Announces Record Sales for 2011

After sticking too long to film technology, it looks like Leica is finally getting the digital game figured out. Yesterday it announced a record profit of €248.9 million for the latest fiscal year, a significant increase from the €158.2 million it earned the previous year.

The positive development is mainly due to the continuing strong demand for the Leica M system, the professional S system, the compact cameras and the Leica sport optics products.

They will also be paying dividends to shareholders — the first time the company has done so since 1997!

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Image credit: Leica M9: Logo by bfishadow