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Loom: A Superior Photo Stream for Photo Storage and Syncing Across All Devices


Apple’s Photo Stream can be a useful feature if you use multiple devices to do your photo bidding. Take a photo on your phone, and it shows up on your iPad and computer instantly — not too shabby.

But Photo Stream has limitations, most notably the ability to sync only your most recent thousand photos. That’s why Jan Senderek decided to go out and create the Mac and iOS application Loom: an ‘infinite camera roll’ in the cloud that allows you to share and sync photos across all your devices easily. Read more…

Adobe Jumps Into the Mac App Store, Offers Lightroom 4 for $150

After dipping its toes in Apple’s Mac App Store last July by offering Photoshop Elements, Adobe has now jumped in headfirst by listing its professional-caliber program, Lightroom 4. The download costs $150 and tips the scales at 388MB. Adobe might be a giant company, but it gets charged the same commission as any other developer: for every copy sold through the App Store, Apple pockets a cool $45.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (via The Verge)

Adobe Dips Toes in Mac App Store by Offering Photoshop Elements

For the first time ever, an Adobe program is available through the Mac App Store. Yesterday, Adobe began selling Photoshop Elements 9 there for $80, a generous 20% off the regular $100 price for the boxed version. It’s a pretty big deal, because Adobe — along with Microsoft — is a company that would love to keep its software out of Apple’s App Store. It generates significant profits by selling its popular programs in the traditional boxed format, while businesses that sell through the Mac App Store must fork over 30% to Apple (which may soon become the most valuable company in the world). This news shows that Adobe is at least testing the waters, and may eventually expand its offers in the Mac Store to reach Apple’s rapidly expanding customer base.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor (via Wired)

Image credit: Dipping her toes by LyndieH

Aperture Now Only $80 in Apple’s New Mac App Store

Apple launched its new Mac App Store yesterday, along with an App Store version of their popular photo editing program Aperture. The program costs $199 in a retail box and $159 through Amazon, but through the new App Store the price has been cut to a mere $80! It’s no wonder that it’s currently the top grossing app in the entire store. If you’ve wanted to start using Aperture but have always been deterred by the price, now’s a good time to jump in.

You can start using the Mac App Store by updating your Mac OS X to version 10.6.6.

(via Canon 5D tips)