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The Negative Effect: A Documentary About Film Photography Lovers

The Negative Effect is a documentary film by Malaysian director Dick Chua about a group of youngsters obsessed with film and lo-fi photography. He followed the group of about 40 photo-enthusiasts back in 2008 as they traveled to Penang Island in Malaysia to shoot and put on a photography exhibition without any sponsorship or support. The film premiered in Malaysia in 2009 and Singapore in 2011. Hopefully it’ll start showing internationally soon, or at least become available as a DVD.

Photography-related movies have been hit-and-miss lately. Bill Cunningham New York scored a whopping 98% Fresh on RottenTomatoes, while the Bang Bang Club movie only got 40%.

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Faking the Lomo Effect in Photoshop

There’s plenty of tutorials out there teaching you how to fake the “Lomo effect” using Photoshop, but most of them don’t provide very realistic results. This “ultimate” tutorial by SLR Lounge attempts to mimic all the distinct characteristics of lomo photos (e.g. cross-processed colors, vignetting, blown highlights, and blurred edges) giving you a level of control over the results that an iPhone app could never do.

(via SLR Lounge via Fstoppers)

Two Love-Themed Diana Cameras for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (February 14th, to be exact), and if the special person in your life is a photography-lover, you might want to think about ditching the cards, flowers, and chocolates, and going with something a little more… lomo. Lomography has released two special edition Diana cameras for this special occasion. The “Love is in the Air” Diana Mini costs $119 and the “Take My Heart” Diana F+ costs $99.

Fall in Love with the Diana F+ and Diana Mini (via Photography Monthly)

Mini Fondant Camera Cake Decorations

Jenny from I Love Muffins created these awesome mini fondant lomo cameras for decorating cakes with. If you enjoy making cakes, this could be a fun project when making them for photography-enthusiast friends.
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Shoot 360º Film Panoramas with the Lomo Spinner Camera

The Spinner 360º is a new plastic camera by Lomography that lets you capture 360 degree panoramas on strips of 35mm film.

Shooting involves turning the camera on the handle, which exposes the film through a vertical slit while advancing he film at a speed that synchronizes it with what you’re capturing. You can either turn the camera by hand for longer exposure shots, or use the pullstring built into the handle.

Here are some example panoramas taken with the camera:

Eight panoramas can be captured on each roll, with the image covering even the sprocket holes. The camera is available from the Lomography store for €125.00, or about $150.

Cameras Made from Food Containers and Floppy Disks

peekfreak is a collaborative project between industrial designer Wai Lam and experimental photographer Yann Huey in which they explore the possibility of making cameras using everyday objects. The cameras they’ve made so far use things such as discarded bike parts, plastic containers, and 3.5” floppy disks.

The cameras are extremely minimalistic, and the sliding metal cover of the floppy disk is used as a simple shutter mechanism to expose the film. Check out the innards:

Since the cameras are so randomly put together, the resulting photographs have their unique looks depending on construction:

If getting weird looks while doing photography is your thing, then these cameras are for you! They aren’t for sale and there isn’t any tutorial on how to make these, but the cameras are simple enough that you should be able to figure it out from the photographs.

peekfreak (via Gizmodo)

Image credits: Photographs by peekfreak