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Lighting a 35-Storey Hotel by Light Painting with 8 Lights

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video in which photographer Mike Butler walks through how he went about planning and photographing the 35-storey Hotel Intercontinental in Downtown Miami using 8 1000W DP lights by light painting portions of the scene and stitching them all together in post.

(via DPS)

The Next Step In the Evolution of Light Painting

The video above was put together by the European art duo known as Sweatshoppe, and believe it or not, there was no post-production used in creating it what-so-ever. They call the technique — which they pioneered — video painting, and they make it happen by using custom-built electronic paint rollers and custom-designed software. As you can see, the final result is pretty awesome. For more info, check out the video’s Vimeo page.

SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe (via Fstoppers)

Awesome Single Exposure “Portal” Light Painting Picture

If you’ve ever played the video game Portal you’ll know how addicting it can be. Sort of like a first person puzzle, the game and its sequel require you to use a portal gun to create linked “portals” through space in order to get out of sticky situations. Well, photographer Jeremy Jackson had an interesting idea: why not recreate the world of Portal with a well-planned light painting exposure?

The result, which you can see above, was actually shot as a single exposure using a Canon T1i and a manual 14mm f/2.8 lens. It took 357 seconds and one mid picture aperture change to get both the portals and trees lit properly, but there’s no denying the photo does the job and, according to Jackson, was a blast to shoot.

(via DIYPhotography)

Image credits: 154/366 – The Portal is a Lie? by Jeremy Jackson and used with permission

Light Painters Perform on America’s Got Talent

Light painting photography is going more and more mainstream. A light painting photography team from San Francisco called the “Aurora Light Painters” recently auditioned for America’s Got Talent 2012 in Austin. It was quite a hit with the audience and judges alike.

(via Laughing Squid)

Slow Light: Illuminating Subjects with Long Exposure Light Painting

A while back I was too cheap (lazy?) to get around to purchasing some speedlights and in typical DIY fashion for me, I figured I could replicate most results using nothing more than a flashlight. So one evening with my friend Sean and his wife, we decided to try out some long exposure light painting ideas.
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Magical Scenes Created by Light Painting with Stencils

Flickr user TigTab creates beautiful scenes by light painting with hand-cut stencils. For each shot, the camera’s shutter is left open while she moves about the location, firing her flash through the stencils in various locations to add the individual items to the scene. Some photographs take up to four hours to create from start to finish.
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How To Make a 150-foot Wireless Remote by Hacking a Garage Door Opener

While working on some light painting shots, Sawo from Enlightpaintment was frustrated that he had to keep running back and forth from his camera. Even using an IR remote he was adding seconds of unnecessary exposure during which he wasn’t actually doing anything but running. So, in a fit of creativity, he decided to put together his own DIY wireless remote using about $20 worth of equipment from Radio Shack and EBay. Read more…

Fashion Photos of Models Wearing Light Painted Dresses

London-based advertising and art photographer Atton Conrad does some pretty interesting mixing of fashion and light painting photography. He has done a number of images for magazines and ad campaigns that feature models wearing dresses manufactured from light rather than fabric. For each fo the images, Conrad paints the dress around the model in a blacked-out studio while remotely triggering the camera.
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Light Painting Photos Shot Using an RC Helicopter

Destin of Smarter Every Day recently shot some light-painting photographs using an RC helicopter loaded with colored lights. The maneuverability of the helicopter turns the great outdoors into a giant canvas on which you can light paint giant 3D shapes.
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LightPlot: A Robotic Arm That Creates Animated Light Paintings

The photos that went into the animation above were all created in-camera using software and a robotic arm programmed before hand with predetermined patterns. The project, known as LightPlot, started as an NXT Lego experiment in stop-motion photography by Ben Cowell-Thomas. He wanted to create a motion control rig for stop-motion using NXT, but as he was looking through some light painting projects online, he began to wonder how he could turn his lego project into a light painting rig. Read more…