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Samsung’s New NX Mini is a Super-Thin & Light ILC with a 1-Inch Sensor


Samsung is reaching out to the smartphone generation today with the release of its thinnest and lightest interchangeable lens compact yet. Actually, to be more accurate, they’re reaching out to the smartphone generation with the thinnest and lightest ILC EVER: the NX Mini. Read more…

Cokin Unveils Pure Harmonie, the World’s Skinniest Lens Filters


French optical filter company Cokin has launched a new line of lens filters under the brand name Pure Harmonie. The new filters are unique in that they’re the thinnest and lightest in the world — the UV filter in the set measures only 3.3mm (~0.13in) thick!
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Olympus E-PL1s Brings World’s Lightest EVIL Camera to Japan

Olympus recently suggested that they would be going “all in” with EVIL cameras and pulling out of the DSLR game, and today they announced a new camera that has slightly better features and one extra letter than the E-PL1. The E-PL1s is virtually identical to its 12.3 megapixel “s”-less counterpart, except it has ISO upgraded from 3200 to 6400, a new battery, and a lighter body. The body itself weighs only 342g, compared to 700+g DSLR bodies. It’ll be available exclusively in Japan come April in red, white, or black, and bundled with a new 14-42mm II f/3.5-5.6 lens.