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Review: A 34-Inch 3440×1440 Monitor is Great for Photo Editing, So is it Better if You Curve It?


Back in June I posted about how the then newly released LG 34UM95-P had changed my editing workflow going from dual screens when editing to a single ultra wide one. Today I’d like to follow up on that experience with a new one with the curved version of the LG monitor, the 34UC97-S. Read more…

I Replaced My Dual Screen Editing Setup with a 34-Inch 3440×1440 LG Monitor

And I haven't regretted that decision for a moment

Jun 11, 2014 · Robbie Khan

Humor: Chicken-Based Image Stabilizing Rig Delivers Super-Steady Results

Optical image stabilization is all about keeping the camera still even as the housing shakes or otherwise moves around. And when it comes to stabilization in nature, few creatures are as good at keeping their camera (read: head) perfectly still as the chicken.

So why not strap a camera onto a chicken’s head and turn the guy (or gal) into a fowl-stabilized action cam!? Why, no reason at all! Read more…

New LG Mouse Can Scan Photos with the Flick of a Wrist

In the future, after you print photos onto paper using your camera, you’ll be able to scan them and share them on Flickr using your mouse. At CES earlier this year, LG showed off an amazing new mouse that lets you quickly scan images and documents by simply waving the mouse over them. Now it’s available — if you live in the UK, you can buy one from Dabs for £90 (~$150).

(via Engadget via Reddit)

Creative Promotion with 100 Free Phones Hidden in a 5 Megapixel Photo

Vodafone recently ran a pretty creative advertising campaign called “Pixel Hunt” for the purpose of illustrating how many pixels LG’s 5-megapixel Optimus phone packs. They published a 5-megapixel photograph (presumably taken with the phone) on a website and invited people to zoom in and click individual pixels, with 100 of the pixels “containing” a free Optimus phone. It took 300,000 visitors a whole month to click each of the 5 million pixels.

Now if only Canon or Nikon would do the same thing with their flagship DSLRs! I wonder how long it would take a 21-megapixel photo to be fully clicked by rabid Canonites/Nikonians. Any guesses?

(via Mashable)

LG L-03C is a 12-Megapixel Camera that Doubles as a Phone

If you thought the Panasonic Lumix phone looked like a camera, check out the new LG L-03C. The 12-megapixel camera has a 3x zoom lens by Pentax, a Xenon flash, a 3-inch LCD, ISO that goes up to 3200, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/3G capabilities, and 720p video recording. Oh, and did we mention it makes calls?

A lot of people are going to be confused in the future when they see people holding compact cameras up to their ears. The L-03C will be available in Japan sometime in January.

(via Engadget)

Sports Illustrated Tablet Demo Features Tons of Photos

This Sports Illustrated Tablet Demo by Jared Cocken came out a few months ago, before the announcement of the Hearst/LG/Marvell lovechild, the Skiff e-reader and Apple’s iPad. With the more announcements of technology that will become available just around the corner, this demo is worth a second look.

The demo is just one example of how tablet and advanced e-reader technology could be applied practically to bring the magazine medium into a digital format, not only adding an interactive feel, but increasing the scope of content — especially photographs.

While videos are also a prominent feature in the tablet demo, I get the reassuring feeling that magazines like Sports Illustrated won’t let go of still photography anytime soon as they shift into new media. In fact, photography seems to be a major selling point for e-readers and publications alike.

What do you think? Will the prospect of interactive magazines and photographs be enough to interest e-reader buyers and subscribers?