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NYC Ballet Enlists Street Art Photog’s Help to Make an Epic Impression on Its Patrons

New York City Ballet

If you walk into the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center right now, you’ll very quickly find your jaw on the floor alongside the reason for its gaping state. Stretched across the entire promenade of the theatre is a large-scale photo installation that has well-dressed ballet-goers so enthralled they’re laying down on the floor, striking poses and climbing up several flights of stairs to get a better view of the massive photograph. Read more…

Who Owns Illegal Public Street Art Found on Private Buildings?


Who owns public art illegally placed onto private buildings? That’s a question that came up recently after a famous Banksy work in London was ripped out of the side of a building, shipped across the Atlantic, and put up for auction with an estimated final price of over half a million dollars.
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JR on Using Photographic Street Art to Turn the World Inside Out

Back in 2010, street artist JR won the $100,000 TED Prize to continue his massive photographic street installations. He then started the Inside Out project to encourage people around the world to use giant posters of portraits to “connect communities, make change, and turn the world inside out.” The video above shows a talk JR gave at TED earlier this month to report on how the project is going and how it’s changing the world.

(via Beautiful/Decay)

JR and Liu Bolin Team Up for a Photo of JR Blending into a Photo of Liu Bolin

JR (the TED-winning photographer who uses giant photos as street art) and Liu Bolin (the Chinese artist who photographs himself blending into scenes) recently got together to collaborate on a photograph taken by Liu Bolin in which JR blends into one of his large scale installations. The giant photograph that Liu Bolin helped blend JR into is a photo of Liu Bolin’s eye, created by JR. Can you say “photo inception”?
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Photographer JR Wins Prestigious TED Prize for Giant Faces in Slums

The TED conference announced yesterday that the 2011 TED Prize would be awarded to the anonymous street artist and photographer known as JR. Previous winners of the $100,000 award include Bill Clinton, James Nachtwey and Bono.
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