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Canon EOS-0: All the Bells and Whistles You Never Wanted to See on a DSLR

The Canon EOS-0 is what you get at the Apocalypse when all the major camera, software, and operating system companies get together to unleash unspeakable evil into the world. It’s a camera with a little bit of everything: support for every major lens mount, a drive for various kinds of discs, Windows Vista as the operating system (shudder), Photoshop available on the giant widescreen LCD, etc… Pretty much the only thing you won’t find on this camera is a toaster.
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PetaPixel Has Been Acquired by Kodak!

We’re pleased to announced today that Eastman Kodak has agreed to acquire PetaPixel. Editorial control and content on this blog will not be affected, though, as part of the deal, Kodak-related press releases will be published along with our usual content. Kodak is attempting to diversify into photography markets outside the ones it has traditionally focused on, and we’re honored to join them in boosting their share of the photography blog market. Terms of the deal will not be announced, but inquiries may be directed to [email protected].

Man Invents Futuristic Form of Glasses-Free 3D Viewing

3D is a hot new fad, but the fact that viewing things in 3D often requires special glasses is a huge deterrent to people who would otherwise embrace the technology. Well, a guy named Jonathan Post invented this awesome new way of viewing 3D on 120Hz monitor displays that simulates 3D Active Shutter Glasses. Maybe in the future we’ll be walking around in galleries viewing 3D photographs with blue and red devices attached to our temples.

This technology is obviously not a joke, clearly not creepy, and seems destined to become the next big thing.

(via Engadget)

How to Make a Super Ghetto Fake Leica

Instructables member willferrari599 recently posted a funny tutorial on how to turn a cheap $20 disposable camera into a ridiculously ghetto looking fake Leica. It’d be sad if you took this tutorial seriously, but a camera like this might make a hilarious present for a photography-loving friend!

How to Leica-ify a $20 camera

That Object Definitely Looks ‘Shopped

Brian T. linked to this XKCD comic titled “Photoshops” in the comments of our “Photoshop in real life” post today. I’ve seen it before, but it’s still pretty funny.

Hipster Spiderman Quite Serious About Photography

It’s funny how humor poking fun at hipsters seems to always include some reference to cameras and photography (see our hipster dinosaur post). College Humor has posted a pretty funny series of illustrations imagining what comics would be like if superheroes were hipsters. This photography-loving Spiderman is our fav.

If Superheroes Were Hipsters (via Laughing Squid)

The Most Interesting Photographer in the World

Here’s a funny twist on the popular “most interesting man in the world” beer commercials by Dos Equis — Luc Welch over in the forums has posted some facts about “the most interesting photographer in the world“:

He’s photographed lions… from the inside
When NASA had to repair the Hubble… they borrowed his lens
He built his first camera when he was five… out of a toaster
His portfolio has been known to stop wars
He photographed a sunset once… it waited for him
His list of clients include Bigfoot, Santa Claus, and those little grey aliens

He is… the most interesting photographer in the world…

I don’t always shoot film, but when I do… I prefer Dos Chromas. Keep shooting, my friends.

If you’ve never seen these commercials before, you can go check them out on YouTube.

Wikipedia also has a list of facts about him:

He can speak French… in Russian.
His personality is so magnetic, he is unable to carry credit cards.
He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it felt.
His charm is so contagious, vaccines have been created for it.
His organ donation card also lists his beard.
The police often question him just because they find him interesting.
He is the only man to ever ace a Rorschach test.
His mother has tattoo that reads ‘Son’
Alien abductors have asked him to probe them.
Bulls flat out refuse to fight him.

Do you “know” any other “facts” about the most interesting photographer in the world? If so, leave a comment and we might include your fact in this post!

Apple Responds to Adobe Advertisement

We reported yesterday that Adobe had launched a “Freedom of Choice” ad campaign against Apple, the latest shot in their ongoing battle over Flash. The above nerd joke is supposed to show what it might look like if Apple responded to Adobe with their own advertisement.

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credit: Graphic by @issaco

Why Facebook Should Buy Palm

Major tangent, but one of the big stories of the day is that Palm (yeah, the cell phone and PDA maker) is putting itself up for sale. There’s a discussion going on over at Engadget regarding which company should make the purchase, with HTC coming out as the crowd favorite.

We’re surprised that Facebook wasn’t even on the list. Here’s why we believe Facebook should be the company to buy Palm:

Happy monday! We now return to our photography-related scheduled programming.

Circular Sensors for Your Circular Lenses

For some April Fools fun, we here at PetaPixel went through the trouble of using a new design for half a day this morning. It looks like Digital Photography Review took their joke a step further: they created a fake company with a fake website and published a fake press release.

The company, “Rokton Circular sensors”, is supposedly based in Cambridge and has “reinvented” the image sensor by making it circular. The press release published on dpreview states,

Cameras using Rokton sensors will cover a circular image fully 43mm in diameter – the same as the diagonal of a 35mm film negative, or a ‘full-frame’ digital sensor. This allows you to capture the entire image circle projected by your lens, wasting none of the light it gathers, and giving you the ultimate flexibility to crop the image any way you like after capturing that decisive moment. […]

Rokton chief executive officer Dr. Hwee Ng said ‘We’ve noticed that the ultimate imaging device, the human eye, is kind of round, lenses are round, and the most common photographic subject in the world – the human face – is often round too. The more we thought about it the more we realized a circular sensor made perfect sense.’ […]

‘We foresee the circular image literally revolutionizing photography. We can see a market for a range of products to match the sensor concept, from circular printer paper to picture frames. The circular image also ideally matches a huge number of popular photo uses, from DVD labels to coasters. And the best thing about circular photo frames is that you won’t have to hang them straight.’

Why do we think this whole thing is a joke? Well, first of all, dpreview is the first and only news source reporting on this supposedly revolutionary technology. Second, a simple WHOIS query shows us that the domain name was only registered on March 31st, 2010. Hmmm…

What’s funny is that at least one photography news site seems to have believed the joke. Steve’s Digicams took the press release and published it as news:

This whole thing is almost as absurd as Kodak’s Aromatography joke we posted earlier today.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief tomorrow when this day of Internet absurdity is over.