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Photoshop Guru John Nack Leaving Adobe to Join Google’s Photography Team


After an illustrious 14-year career with Adobe, former Senior Product Manager for Photoshop and prolific Adobe blogger John Nack is packing up his things and moving to Mountain View, where he will join Google’s digital photography team. Read more…

Hidden Gem Features In Photoshop CS6

Those of you lucky enough to already have Photoshop CS6 already know about all the popular, highly-advertised features like Content Aware Move. But there are a lot of smaller improvements that come with each re-design of Photoshop that never get to see the limelight. In honor of those small (but often highly useful) improvements, Photoshop Insider Scott Kelby put together a short YouTube video that highlights a few of them for you.

(via John Nack on Adobe)

One Photoshop Fan’s Quest for CS5

It’s nice to see that Adobe’s corporate culture allows for some “self-deprecating fun“. Yesterday Photoshop product manager John Nack posted the above video, in which a “Photoshop fan” starts an Apple-esque waiting line outside what appears to be a Best Buy.

Guess who makes an appearance in the video? None other than Bryan O’Neil Hughes, the product manager whose voice narrates the now famous Content Aware Fill demo video.

“Unicorn into a meteor sho-weer!”