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Imagining a Compact Camera Designed by Leica and Apple

The Leica i9 is a concept camera case dreamed up by design firm BLACK Design Associates for the iPhone 4. Unlike the Slow Photography Camera we shared last week, the i9 is actually an independent camera that simply uses the iPhone as a giant touch screen and as a modem for the web.
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iPhone App Calculates Calories from Food Photographs

As the world of photography collides with the world of computing in smart phones, we will undoubtedly be seeing many mind-boggling applications (e.g. augmented reality translation) that utilize cell phone cameras in the near future. A new app called Meal Snap fits that description — it’s an app that analyzes photos you take of food, telling you both the ingredients and the number of calories you’ll be consuming. It’s only available for iOS 4+ and costs $3 from the App Store.

With the way consumer cameras are going, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of feature built into future cameras!

Meal Snap (via CNET)

360° Lens Lets You Shoot Panoramic Video on the iPhone 4

Lens attachments for the iPhone 4 already exist, but the GoPano micro is a bit different — it’s a 360° lens that records every direction at the same time. Once it’s recorded, you can go back and use a special viewer to watch the video from any perspective, panning the scene as the video is playing. EyeSee360, the company behind the product, has launched a Kickstarter project to fund it and gauge interest. After setting a goal of $20,000, they’ve already managed to raise over $50,000 with more than a month remaining. Backing the project for $50 on Kickstarter will preorder you one of these lenses.

The company already makes similar panoramic lenses for actual cameras, including most DSLR models.

GoPano micro (via CheesyCam)

Wooden Camera Case for the iPhone 4

Skins and cases that transform make the iPhone 4 look like a camera have become pretty popular in recent days, but this case by Etsy seller Signimade still manages to stand out. It’s crafted out of Bamboo, Zebra wood, or Walnut wood, and is made by hand. Each one costs $35.

SigniCASE (via Gizmodo)

Start a Self Portrait per Day Project with New Everyday App

After Noah Kalina published his “Everyday” video back in 2006 featuring a self-portrait a taken every day for 2,356 days, the concept took off and soon the Internet was filled with copycat projects by people who wanted to document their own lives in the same way. If you’ve been wanting to try you hand at taking a photo of your face every day but have lacked the discipline to do so, there’s a new app for the iPhone called “Everyday” that is designed to make things easier for you.
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Sleek Case Transforms iPhone 4 into Futuristic-looking Camera

The UN01 is a Kickstarter-funded iPhone 4 case that makes it look like some kind of Apple-designed futuristic camera. The middle of the case features a pseudo-lens bulge that is actually a locking mechanism that secures the two halves of the case. They’re looking to raise $23,000 to bring this case to market in 7 colors, and a pledge of $30 will pre-order one for you in black or white.
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Add an LED Flash to Your Older iPhone with the iFlash

If cameras can have external flashes, why can’t mobile phones? The iFlash is a flash module that allows owners of older iPhones to illuminate dark scenes with a blast of LED light. iPhone 4 owners can also use it to gain some additional light.
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Tripod Adapter and Case for the iPhone 4 by XShot

XShot, the company known for its handheld camera extender, has released a new iPhone 4 case designed to provide a tripod mount through a detachable adapter. A lot of iPhone owners seem to be interested in adding a tripod mount to their phone — a recent Kickstarter effort to create such a mount raised over $130K after asking for only $10K. The XShot iPhone case is different from other tripod mounts in that the mount is part of a detachable adapter that can be attached to either the side or the bottom of the iPhone.

It’ll be available by the end of November through the XShot store for $25.

iPhone 4 Mount and Stand Project Raises Ten Times Original Goal

Turns out having a tripod mount and stand combo is what many iPhone 4 owners have been yearning for — a Kickstarter funding project for a new mount raised more than ten times what the creators planned to raise. Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost originally intended to raise $10,000 over the course of a month to manufacture the Glif, a new tripod mount and stand for the iPhone 4, but ended up collecting over $135,000 from more than 5,000 backers who want such an accessory. You can find out more on the Glif website, or pre-order your own by contributing $20 to the project on the Kickstarter page.

(via Boing Boing)

White iPhone 4 Delay Reportedly Due to Light Leaks with the Camera

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4, they also showed off a white version that would be available alongside the black one. Since then, however, the company repeatedly pushed back the launch date for the white version, claiming that the white one was, “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected”. Now, Cult of Mac is reporting that the problem has to do with the camera design, with the white semi-translucent glass causing light leaks and washing out photographs taken with the phone.

The white iPhone 4 can’t take accurate photographs. The handset’s semi-translucent glass case leaks light in, ruining pictures taken with the internal camera, especially when the built-in flash is used.

“You don’t get accurate pictures on the white iPhone because of the color of the glass back. It washes out the pictures,” said a source with connections to Apple who asked to remain anonymous.

Too bad — they should have released the “broken” ones as a special edition for photo enthusiasts who like low-fi photography.

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Image credit: light leak by brainware3000