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Power Hungry: Poignant Photos Compare the Meals of the Rich and Poor Throughout History

Contemperary North Korea

Contemporary North Korea

Approximately 40% of food is thrown out in America each year. This amounts to roughly $165 billion (with a ‘b’) worth of food, which could feed half of the 50 million Americans who struggle to put food on the table.

It’s tough statistics like these that inspired photographer Henry Hargreaves and his friend and food stylist Caitlin Levin to create the series Power Hungry: a poignant set of photos that illustrates the inequality between the rich and the poor by comparing what each class’s meals have looked like throughout history.

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Poverty Lines Around the World Shown Through Photos of Food

Unlike the fabulously rich, those living at or under the poverty line in countries around the world have to make tough choices regarding what they eat on a daily basis. “The Poverty Line” is an ongoing project by photographer Stefen Chow and economist Lin Hui-Yi that shows how much food people living at the poverty line in various countries can buy.

The photos above show the different options in China, where 26,880,000 people live on ¥3.28 ($0.49) per day. Each image shows what one poor person can buy in one day.
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