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A Wedding Photographer Story


She stands in the front of the church; her face carefully set into a pleasant expression, her breathing slow. The knuckles of her right hand, however, are white with rage as she clutches her camera.
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Policeman Returns Woman’s Smartphone by Posting Photos to Her Facebook Page


A police officer in Albury, Australia, did some online photo sharing that drew quite a few chuckles last week. After someone turned in a lost iPhone at his police station, the officer found that the phone didn’t have any type of passcode protection. So, to get in touch with the woman who lost it, he started posting humorous photos to her Facebook account.
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Selfie with Google Street View Car Shows Up on Street View


Nasr Bitar took a selfie when a Google Street View car drove behind him last fall, and recently he found a photo of himself taking the selfie on Google Street View.
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A Photographer Welcomes a New Family Member…


Photographer Dustin Thompson of Riverside, California, recently became the proud father of a new Sony A7II… so he decided to do a photo shoot to commemorate the happy event.
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‘Photography Woes’ Meme Shares the Cringeworthy Things Photographers Hear

8N6P0RC - Imgur

There’s a new set of photography memes that have generated quite a bit of attention over the past week. “Photography Woes” is a set of meme images featuring true horror stories by professional photographers that are both funny and sad at the same time.
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Humor: People Can’t Eat Without Taking a Picture

Actor TOMMY_XPENSIVE created this clever short Vine about people who don’t start eating a meal before snapping a compulsory photo of their food.

“It’s like the modern version of saying grace,” says one commenter on Reddit. “In this house we pray to Instagram before we eat,” writes another.

The Real Meanings of Common Photographic Words and Expressions: Part II


Well now, it seems my little guide to common photographic expressions hit a chord with a few people. It’s great that people appreciated it and I received some awesome comments. So I decided to put my thinking cap back on and come up with some more definitions. As before, it’s just a bit of fun and I’m in the firing line, just as much as the next guy.
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These Are Photos from an Official Police Department Instagram Account


Need a laugh? Check out the official Instagram account of the Reykjavík metropolitan police (Reykjavík is the largest and capital city of Iceland). It’s a strangely humorous account that’s filled with silly snapshots showing that the officers know how to have a good time while busting criminals and keeping their city streets safe.
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Here’s a Clever Way to Sell Your DSLR on Craigslist


Here’s a clever Craigslist listing by some photographer with a knack for marketing over in Vancouver. Buy their “super handy” 3-axis hot-shoe-mounted bubble level, and they’ll throw in their Nikon D800 for free!
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The 12 Types of Photographs You’ll Find on Instagram


Manga artist Joanna Zhou created a series of 12 illustrations showing the common types of photos you’ll come across when browsing Instagram.
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