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Haunting Photographs of Plastic-Wrapped Bodies Floating Above the Ground

Floating is a series of photos by photographer Andrew Brodhead that’s beautiful and creepy at the same time. Set in various landscapes and locations, each image shows wrapped like a mummy in plastic, and hovering a few feet above the ground.
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Minimalist Gravity-Defying Photos Using String and Perspective

Photographer Carl Kleiner, the man behind IKEA’s beautiful baking recipe and kitchen item photographs, has a delightful new series of images that features things neatly arranged in mid-air instead of on a table. More specifically, each of the shots uses simply trickery to make household objects look like they’re floating in a blue room.
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Hovering Swarms of Random Objects

Photographer Thomas Jackson has an ongoing project titled Emergent Behavior that consists of surreal photographs of swarms of various things (e.g. leaves, plastic cups, ping pong balls) in various locations. The images aren’t computer generated, but are rather composite images combining a number of photographs — probably similar to the “flock of phones” tutorial that we featured a while back.
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