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Hoodman Adds Body Armor to SD Cards

If having a plastic shelled memory card just isn’t enough for you, Hoodman’s new RAW STEEL line of SD cards goes a step further by reinforcing the card with steel plating. In addition to being rugged, the epoxy assembly makes the cards waterproof as well. No word on how well these cards would survive being roasted in a burning car, though. They’ll be available starting mid-November, 2010.

PMA 2010: Glasses for Photographers

These glasses might look like typical geeky photo dad gear or something your eccentric uncle might wear, but if your eyes have uneven prescriptions, they can come in handy while shooting. That is, unless you’re classy enough to have a monocle (or contacts).

California-based photo accessory company, Hoodman, showed off this pair of glasses for photographers at PMA earlier this week. The glasses can be set with corrective lenses from an optometrist, and each lens can be individually flipped up. Corrections for the shooting eye can be adjusted with the camera’s diopter, remaining unhindered by an extra layer of glass, while the tracking eye can still benefit from corrective lenses.