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The Story of How Jews Were Saved by the ‘Leica Freedom Train’

Last week we briefly wrote on how Leica played a role in saving Jews by helping them flee Nazi Germany. Turns out the effort was called the Leica Freedom Train, and this short 3-minute documentary tells the story in a bit more detail. An interesting fact is that each Leica refugee was given a Leica camera as a symbol of freedom.

Leica Freedom Train (via Leica Rumors)

Leica Helped Jews Flee Nazi Germany

Did you know that Leica boss Ernst Leitz II is considered the “photographic industry equivalent of Oskar Schindler” for helping Jews flee Nazi Germany?

Leitz […] helped Jews find jobs outside Germany, securing immigration visas and paying the travel expenses of refugees bound for the United States. […] They fled Germany under the guise of Leitz employees, until they could find work overseas. Such was the Nazi reliance on Leica optics for military purposes, that officials largely turned a blind eye to Leitz’s activities.

He’s credited saving the lives of around 80 Jews while risking his life in the process.

Leica helped Jews flee Nazis: Fresh evidence uncovered [Amateur Photographer]

Image credit: Schindler’s grave by See The Holy Land

Photojournalist Ruth Gruber Discusses Her Experiences During the Holocaust

Here’s a short 5-minute news segment on Ruth Gruber and her work as a photojournalist during the Holocaust. Currently 100 years old, Gruber was an eyewitness to much of the history most of us have only read about in books.

We cannot forget what human beings can do to other human beings.

A documentary on her life called “Ahead of Time” begins airing tonight on Showtime.

(via The Online Photographer)