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A Girl’s Dreams Photographed Using Things Found in a Bedroom

Photographer Jan von Holleben, known for his Dreams of Flying series, was recently hired by a German newspaper to make photos using his signature “lying on the ground” style for a feature on dreams. He ended up shooting photographs showing a girl’s dream using a mattress and other ordinary objects you might find inside a bedroom.
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Behind the Scenes of a Grammy Nominated Stop Motion Music Video

The stop motion music video for Oren Lavie‘s song “Her Morning Elegance” took the web by storm last year, amassing over ten million views on YouTube and receiving a Grammy nomination.

It’s crazy how much work went into making the three-minute-long video: 6 weeks of scripting, 3 weeks of storyboarding, and 48 hours of shooting resulting in 2096 still photos. The hard work sure paid off, eh?
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