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GoPro Helmet Camera Shows What Being Two Looks Like

Reddit user rocketchef strapped a GoPro video camera to a bike helmet and had their two-year-old daughter wear it during a trip to the playground. The resulting footage is a fun look at what the world looks like to a two-year-old.
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Helmet Cam Footage Becomes Dude’s Memory of Crazy Accident

Imagine you snap out of unconsciousness and realize you’ve been in a pretty serious accident. You have no memory of what happened, but luckily you were wearing a motorcycle camera that was filming your ride. That’s exactly what happened to a guy in Kashmir recently. The 51 second video above sent chills down his spine when he first watched it after the accident. The footage became the memory he lost in an accident in which he miraculously only suffered a broken leg. Don’t worry, the video isn’t graphic — just jaw-dropping.

Geeky Baseball Caps with Tripod Screws

Hatcams are a new line of custom baseball caps that have an industry standard 1/4 x 20 tripod mount thread built into the brim of the hat, providing a cheap way to create “helmet cam” videos. While the hat is designed for pocket camcorders like the Flip camcorder, any camera designed to work with a tripod should be mountable. Throw in a remote shutter release, and you’ll have a weird setup for point-of-view photography as well.

Sure it’s geeky, but who wouldn’t want to look like a digital unicorn? Check out how happy this woman is:

If you’re looking for a random gag gift for a photographer in your life that already has everything, this patent-pending $35 hat might be a pretty funny one.

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