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JPG Mag Co-Founder Launches Weekly Email of Amazing Photography


Heather Champ is a well-known personality in the online photo community. For almost 5 years she served as Director of Community at Flickr, after which she co-founded JPG Magazine with her husband Derek Powazek. Now she’s embarked on her next adventure: a weekly email newsletter dubbed “Favorites.” Read more…

Interview with Heather Champ

Heather Champ is cofounder of Fertile Medium, an online community consultancy. She was formerly the Director of Community at Flickr and the co-founder of JPG Magazine, which she started with her husband Derek Powazek. Visit her website here.

PetaPixel: Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

Heather Champ: Living in San Francisco, I’m roughly 2,439 miles and worlds away from Ottawa, the city of my birth. There’s very little of my accent left, though there will be a moment when I can see the wheels turning in someone’s brain and that follows with “are you Canadian?” I have a studio fine arts degree and have hopped and skipped my way through a variety of careers that have built upon that creative foundation.
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Cross-Stitched Polaroid Dark Slide Cards

Check out these super-special Polaroid-themed greeting cards by Heather Champ. They’re made using two dark slides from expired Polaroid 600 film:

The five colour bars (celebrating the new PX 70 packaging) create a negative space heart surrounded by the idea of a instant film frame.

Once the front dark slide is cross-stitched, the front and back are dry mounted with rubber cement to folded white card stock. The inside is blank. The card is accompanied by a matching blank white envelope.

Try making these yourself as a do-it-yourself project. If arts and crafts isn’t your thing, you can buy them for a special Polaroid-lover in your life for $25 from Heather’s Etsy store.
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48 Hour Magazine Hit with a Cease and Desist Letter from CBS

Earlier this month we reported on 48 Hour Magazine, a new project that aims to put together each magazine in only 48 hours from start to finish. The team of editors include Heather Champ and Derek Powazek, the founding editors of JPG Magazine.

Shortly after completing “Issue Zero”, they’ve received a cease and desist letter from the lawyers at CBS for trademark violation. The company owns trademarks for their news magazine television series “48 Hours”, and the related “48 Hours Mystery”.

According to the New York Times, 48 Hour Magazine never looked into the legality of the name, nor did they form a corporation. The proceeds of the $10 magazine (which they’ve sold over 1,000 copies of) will be split according to a transparent (albeit semi-complicated) formula.

The magazine has hired a lawyer to represent them, but does not plan to put up a fight, opting to work with CBS to come to an agreement. Since their website might soon go offline, they’ve set up a page at to keep readers informed.

48 Hour Magazine Launches as Newsweek Slowly Dies

As Newsweek continues to cause its parent company to bleed money, a new magazine is trying to defy the demise of print by being agile and efficient. 48 Hour Magazine is a project that aims to “write, photograph, illustrate, design, edit, and ship a magazine in two days.”

The team of editors behind the mag include Heather Champ (former community director of Flickr) and her husband Derek Powazek. The duo were previous the founding editors of JPG Magazine so, needless to say, they know a thing or two about the business.

“Issue Zero” had the theme “hustle”, and went from an idea at noon on May 7th to a complete magazine at noon on May 9th. The team received 1,502 submissions from all around the world, including from artists and writers at well known publications such as Rolling Stone and Wired.

The 60-page magazine is now available through HP’s MagCloud (which Derek Powazek helped start) for the price of $10. The page also features a preview of the entire magazine at low resolution.

Heather Champ Says Goodbye to Flickr

After nearly 5 years as the Community Manager at Flickr, Heather Champ has announced she is leaving to start an online community consultancy called Fertile Medium with her husband Derek Powazek (whom she also started JPG Magazine with).

After working as a web designer for 11 years, she joined Flickr in May of 2005, a couple months after the photo sharing service was acquired by Yahoo.

Through her tenure there, where she regularly featured photograph on the company blog, she saw the company grow to become one of the largest photo sharing services on the web, replacing Yahoo’s own photo sharing service, Yahoo! Photos. She was also responsible for the Flickr Community Guidelines, a document that many services have model their guidelines after.

The announcement of her upcoming departure came in a post published on her blog today, titled Je ne regrette rien (“no regrets” in French), in which she also reflects on her time at Flickr:

In the end, Flickr is very much about every member who has ever uploaded a photo or video, left a comment, or faved something. You are the heart of Flickr and you’ve enriched my life in ways. More importantly, you’ve enriched the web through glimpses of your life that you’ve chosen to share.

Champ was extremely influential in shaping the direction of the Flickr community and, if the comments left on her blog post are any indication, will be deeply missed there.

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Image credit: Heather Champ, CES 2006 by Thomas Hawk