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Valentine’s Day Meets Pulp Fiction in This Creative Stop Motion Video

There’s no use ignoring it, it’s Valentine’s day, and that means some cool photography related Valentine’s stuff will invariably make it onto PetaPixel. No worries though, it’s not all going to be sappy and romantic. Some of what we’ll share, like this awesome 15-second stop-motion video, is downright hardcore. Read more…

Holding Hands and Holding Hearts

When the sunlight is right, you can shoot a photograph of a couple holding hands while they form a heart with their shadows! Bonus points if you can catch the sunlight with an engagement ring and make it sparkle.

Show Off Your Polaroid Love with a Heart

Here’s a fun idea for displaying your Polaroid photographs and decorating your wall: arrange the prints in the shape of a heart!

Image credit: pola heart by renée anne // and used with permission