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How to Make a 360° Analog Camera Hat

Mike Warren has written up an in-depth tutorial on how you can build a 360° camera hat using 6-8 disposable cameras. The cameras are worn around the head like a crown, and are simultaneously trigger using a single shutter release with the help of servo motors that depress the shutter when triggered. Warren writes,

With the camera array sitting on your head, you’re able to capture a 360° panorama view of your surroundings. This project requires no special electronics knowledge and can be assembled in about an hour.

I designed this camera array off something I saw on the “Radar Detector” music video by Darwin Deez. But, after making the camera hat, everyone kept asking if it was a low-fi version of Google Street View. It’s more the former than the latter, but people can draw their own interpretations.

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Personalize a Birthday Party with Picture Perfect Party Hats

If you want an extra personal touch at birthday parties, you can turn portraits of the birthday boy or girl into picture perfect party hats! Simply print out a portrait using a special template, turn it into a cone, add some fringe, and you’re done. Eden over at Sugar and Charm has the low down.

Picture Perfect Party Hats (via Craftzine)

Geeky Baseball Caps with Tripod Screws

Hatcams are a new line of custom baseball caps that have an industry standard 1/4 x 20 tripod mount thread built into the brim of the hat, providing a cheap way to create “helmet cam” videos. While the hat is designed for pocket camcorders like the Flip camcorder, any camera designed to work with a tripod should be mountable. Throw in a remote shutter release, and you’ll have a weird setup for point-of-view photography as well.

Sure it’s geeky, but who wouldn’t want to look like a digital unicorn? Check out how happy this woman is:

If you’re looking for a random gag gift for a photographer in your life that already has everything, this patent-pending $35 hat might be a pretty funny one.

(via Gizmodo)