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American Tintype: A Portrait of a Tintype Portrait Photographer

Documentary filmmaker and photography enthusiast Matt Morris recently noticed a magazine article about a tintype photographer named Harry Taylor based in his hometown of Wilmington, NC. Having recently gotten engaged, Morris and his fiancée decided to have Taylor shoot their engagement photos using the 150-year-old photo process. They ended up sitting for a 5-hour-portrait session, and Morris was stunned by the results.

A few months later, he decided to return to Taylors studio with two Canon 5Ds in tow and spent an afternoon documenting Harry’s work. The fantastic 4-minute documentary above is what resulted.
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Shooting 1850s Style Ambrotypes with Photographer Harry Taylor

Ambrotype photography came into use in the 1850s, and involves creating a positive image on a sheet of glass. This behind-the-scenes video shows ambrotype photographer Harry Taylor creating three portraits using this process, and should be interesting to watch if you’ve never seen this method of photography before.

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