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Fotodiox Wooden Grip Turns Your Sony RX100 III into a Poor Man’s Hasselblad Stellar


Want a Hasselblad Stellar but don’t want to shell out the hefty sum it takes to buy one? Luckily for you, the camera is just a pricey rebrand of the Sony RX100 line, and now Fotodiox has a product just for you. The camera accessory maker has just launched a new wooden hand grip for the RX100 III that looks virtually identical to the handgrip found on the Stellar.
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Bamboo Grips Designed to Add Looks, Ergonomics, and Protection to Your Camera


A company called J.B. Camera Designs is selling a line of premium bamboo grips for a number of popular digital cameras. These accessories attach to the base of your camera and are designed to add “improved ergonomics, increased protection, and a unique look.”
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Fujifilm Releases Teleconverter for X100 & X100s, Plus a Bunch of X-T1 Accessories


Fujifilm is helping make X-Series camera users’ lives easier today by releasing the much-anticipated X100/X100s teleconverter lens and a whole slew of accessories meant for use with the popular X-T1. Read more…

Brolly Umbrella Has Finger Hole Grip Lets You Shoot in the Rain


If you’re the type of person who prefers umbrellas to rain ponchos, you might prefer the Brolly rain umbrella to rain covers when using your camera in wet weather. It features a special finger hole grip handle that frees up the fingers that would otherwise be clutching the umbrella, allowing you to use your cameras more naturally without getting wet.
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HandiZoom Adds a Camcorder-style Grip and Zoom Controls to Your DSLR

HandiZoom is a new camera accessory that adds a special grip to your DSLR that allows you to hold and use it like a camcorder. The device adds ENG-style zoom controls by connecting directly with the zoom ring on your camera lens. Videographers who’ve transitioned to DSLR shooting may feel much more at home with their hand around an ergonomic grip and a zoom rocker under their fingertips.
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Worn DSLR Grip Replaced with an Old Leather Shoe and Rubber Cement

When the grip on his Canon Rebel T2i finally peeled and warped beyond repair, NYU computer science and mechanical engineering student Rob Huebner decided to go the DIY route. He found a beat up leather shoe, cut the proper shape out of it, and attached the leather graft onto his DSLR using rubber cement.

Image credit: Photograph by Rob Huebner and used with permission

Nikon D800 Concept Features Detachable LCD Screen and Swiveling Grip

TechnoFotografia created a concept design for the yet-to-be-announced Nikon D800 DSLR. One of the novel features dreamed up for the design is a LCD screen that can be detached from the camera and used remotely (seen above). If this were to ever exist on a DSLR, losing the screens would be an issue, and replacing them would likely cost a fortune.
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Sony Compact Design Hides Lens Behind Foldable Grip

Sony has been gaining ground on Canon and Nikon lately by focusing on innovation, creating new technologies and entering the mirrorless market early while the two mega-corps have mostly been content with playing it safe with their popular products. Sony recently filed an interesting patent in Japan that shows some of this creative thinking at work. It’s a design for a compact camera in which the panel that hides the lens on the front of the camera turns into a camera grip when the lens is exposed!
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Use “Da Grip” for Capturing Sharper Images in Low Light

This video is hardly new (appeared back in 2008), but could be helpful for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. In it, photographer Joe McNally teaches how you can use your body to stabilize the camera, gaining a stop or two of light. McNally says his technique is mostly useful for left-eyed shooters, but you can adapt many of the things taught regardless of which eye you use.