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DIY: All-in-One Light Grid Diffuser and Cool Background Made from Plastic Bottles


We wouldn’t exactly describe it as ‘elegant,’ but this little DIY project by Instructables user pizzidave is both functional and extremely easy to make. Requiring almost no DIY ‘skill’ of any kind, you can create a cool background and grid diffuser for yourself using some plastic bottles and rubber bands. Read more…

12 Years of Self-Portraits in 1 Image

In 2000, photographer Noah Kalina started his everyday self-portrait project that spawned a viral video (and countless copycats) six years later. He’s now twelve and a half years into the project now, and shows no signs of slowing down. The image above shows the 4,514 pictures he snapped of himself between January 11, 2000 and June 30, 2012. Kalina is also planning to release an updated version of the video that runs 7:41 min — 10 frames per second and 1 month every 3 seconds.

(via Noah Kalina via Laughing Squid)

Manhattanhenge: A Unique Bi-Annual Photo Op for New Yorkers

Twice per year something really cool happens: the stars, or rather one particular star, aligns with the grid of streets running through Manhattan island, offering photographers and astronomers alike an opportunity to go out and snap a few very unique and very cool photos. On May 29th (today) and July 12th of this year (it varies a bit each year) the sun sets in perfect alignment with the Manhattan grid. It’s known as “Manhattanhenge“. On those specific days, when the sun sets, you will see half of the glowing orb above and half below the horizon — although you can still get some cool, though not quite as perfect, photos on the days before and after.
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