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An Introduction to Google’s Photovine

Confused about what Google’s new Photovine photo sharing app is all about? Here’s a short video published yesterday that explains the service without blinding us with hairy-chested dudes. “Instead of just posting a photo, you plant it and watch it grow.”

Aside from the fun-factor of “vines” planted for random topics, it seems like the service could be useful for spreading images of real-time news stories (e.g. protests, disasters, etc..), similar to what Twitter does with text and hashtags.

Google Teases Photovine in ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ Video

Here’s a short video that gives a small glimpse into how Google’s stealthy Photovine photo-sharing app works. Like we reported yesterday, it’s an app that’s focused around sharing photos based on a theme with both friends and strangers.