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Giant Lomography Cameras Loaded with Trampolines Appear in Hong Kong

Lomography has a huge exhibition going on in Hong Kong’s Times Square shopping center featuring 40,000 Lomo photographs, massive film cartridges, and giant cameras loaded with trampolines.
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World’s Largest Indoor Photo Weighs in at 40 Gigapixels

Photographer Jeffrey Martin, founder of 360cities, recently use a Canon 550D and 200mm lens to shoot the largest indoor photograph ever made: a ginormous 40 gigapixel photograph of a 18th-century baroque library in the Strahov Monastery in Prague, Czech Republic. Over 5 days of shooting with his robot control camera, Martin collected 2,947 separate photos that went into the resulting panorama. The RAW photos then took a day to batch process, 111 hours to stitch, and 20 hours to Photoshop, finally ending as a single 283 gigabyte photograph.
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Giant Snowman’s Large Format Camera

Ann Arbor-based physician and photography-enthusiast Stephen Rosenblum was visiting the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture competition when he came across this giant large format camera that some giant snowman must have accidentally dropped earlier. The 12-foot tall camera was even hollowed out to look realistically like the inside of bellows from behind.

You can see the winners of the 2011 competition (and catch a glimpse of this camera) here.

(via The Online Photographer)

Image credit: Photograph by Stephen Rosenblum and used with permission

Roaming Camera Obscura Trailer Holds Photo Workshops in Luxembourg

Meet the Roulot’ographe, a Luxembourg-based mobile trailer that doubles as both a giant camera obscura and a photography workshop classroom. All the mobile studio needs is an electrical connection and access to running water.

roulot’ographe (via Gizmodo)

Nikon Super Telephoto Lens Doubles as a Fake Bazooka

Once your lenses get to a certain level of awesomeness, you have to start carrying them like bazookas. Can anyone identify the two lenses found in this photograph?

(via The Phoblographer)

John Chiara and His Amazing Trailer-Sized Camera

John Chiara is a San Francisco-based photographer that uses an uber-large format camera the size of a trailer that he constructed himself. The camera is so dang big that setting up the thing requires a car jack and lots of yanking. After setting up the film inside the camera, Chiara climbs out of the camera through a long black garbage-bag style tube. To develop the prints, he uses an 18-inch diameter sewage pipe that he pours chemicals into and rolls around on the ground.
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An Instamatic Camera for Shooting Giants and Other Big Things

Jolayne Attwood (jolayne on Flickr) was at the International Photography Fair in Bièvres earlier this year when she came across this gigantic Instamatic 133 camera. There’s no covert street photography or shooting from the hip with this baby.

Obviously, what we have here is a brilliant conversation piece.
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Giant Panorama of 70,000+ People is the Most Tagged Photo in the World

At the Glastonbury Festival this past weekend, a giant panoramic photograph containing 70,000+ attendees was snapped during the halftime of an England World Cup match. Afterward, the photo was put online and opened up to tagging via Facebook Connect. Since then, over 2,500 faces in the photograph have been tagged, making it (unofficially) the most tagged photo in the world.
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