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Photog Accuses Getty of Loaning Images to CafePress Instead of Licensing Them


Photographer Remi Thornton recently terminated his contract with Getty after finding out that the agency was allowing online retailer CafePress to use his images on potential merchandise without paying an up-front licensing fee.

In fact, according to Thornton, CafePress has an exclusive agreement with Getty, which allows them use any of the agency’s Royalty Free stock to populate their store, while only paying the photographer if the merchandise featuring their image actually sells. Read more…

This is the Best-Selling Getty-Licensed Photo on Flickr

Two years ago, Flickr partnered up with Getty to allow Flickr users to sell photographs, and today Getty announced that its “Flickr Collection” has grown to over 250,000 images. Getty also revealed that the above image titled “Rock Concert” by Flickr user Michael Bodge is their best seller. No word on how many copies it has sold, though.

(via AllThingsD via Geeky Gadgets)

P.S. Brownie points to anyone who can find the original Flickr page for this photo.

Update: Michael Bodge himself wins the brownie points. Here’s the original Flickr photo.