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Photo Necklaces for Serious Photo Geeks

We’ve seen camera shaped pendants before, but these new Camera Lingo Necklaces definitely take you into uncharted levels of geekiness. Each one has a “secret code word” that will be appreciated by other photo enthusiasts, but may befuddle ordinary, unenlightened (no pun intended) folk. They come in four colors and designs — JPEG, CR2, NEF, and a no-flash symbol — and cost $20 bucks each over at Photojojo.

Retro f/stop Lens Bracelets Based on Old Nikon Lenses

If Adam Elmakias’ lens bracelets aren’t retro enough for you, is now selling these f/stop lens bracelets featuring a colorful design based on old Nikon/Nikkor lenses.
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A Calendar for True Photography Geeks

What would a calendar look like if the world was run by photography geeks? Photographer David Schloss woke up one morning with the idea of creating such a calendar, with days being incremented by 1/3 f/stops, and the year being ISO 2000. He’s also selling them as t-shirts for $15 a pop over on Mac Create.

The Photographer’s Calendar T-Shirt (via Pixiq)

Geek Out Your Cuffs with Camera Mode Dial Cufflinks

If the first level of photo-geekiness is wearing USB cufflinks, and the second level is wearing camera cufflinks, then these mode dial cufflinks must be level three. Boy are these geeky. You can pick them for $50 on Amazon.

Camera Mode Dial Cufflinks Fun Cuff Links (via mcp actions)

P.S. The Canon 5D Mk 2 and 7D mode dial lock upgrade we mentioned yesterday will be available in the US starting December 6, 2010.

Geeky Aperture Clock Widget for Photogs with Android Phones

Apparently inspired by the f-stop watch we posted on recently, theres a new widget for Android phones that puts an aperture clock on your home screen. Unlike the wrist watch, the widget actually adjusts the “aperture” depending on what time it is, though it refreshes every half hour to save battery life. The bad news is that this dash of geekery comes at a price — the app costs $1.05 over at AppBrain. Someone make a free version please.

Aperture Clock Widget (via Photography Bay)

F-Stop Watch for Photo Geeks Tells Time in Aperture Values

This watch has a maximum aperture of f/2. Wait… What? That’s right, this novelty watch for uber photo geeks by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild has f-stop numbers on its face instead of the 12 hours used by normal people. If you’re ready to geek-out your wrist, it’s available in their online shop for $36.

Geeks Can Now Upload to Picasa via Command Line

If you’re a geek (as most of you apparently are) and prefer doing stuff through command line rather than a GUI, Google has just introduced a new command-line utility that allows you to access various Google services.

GoogleCL is an application written in Python that lets you do things like upload a whole folder of photographs to your Picasa account with a simple command like this:

google picasa create --title "My album" ~/Photos/vacation/*.jpg

This would grab all of the JPG photographs in your vacation directory and upload them to a new album called “My album”.

Here are the possible commands for Picasa:

create: Create an album. create –title “Summer Vacation 2009″ –tags Vermont ~/photos/vacation2009/*
delete: Delete photos or albums. delete –title “Stupid album”
get: Download photos. get –title “My Album” /path/to/download/folder
list: List photos or albums. list title,url-direct –query “A tag”
post: Add photos to an album. post –title Summer Vacation 2008″ ~/old_photos/*.jpg
tag: Tag photos. tag –title “Album I forgot to tag” –tags oops

The utility isn’t limited to Picasa, of course. You can also manage Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, and YouTube data.

To get started head on over to the GoogleCL Google Code project to download the tarball. There’s also a manual and a page of example commands.

Creative Stop-Motion Video Revisits Classic NES Games

“NES Stop Motion” is an amazing stop motion video by YouTube user bornforthis43 that took over 120 hours to produce. Each scene was created using paper and ordinary household objects, and over 7,000 photographs went into making this 3 minute long stop-motion video. The result is a video that should deliver a healthy dose of nostalgia to people who enjoyed gaming on the NES back in the 80s and 90s.

Funny Photoshop CS4 Crash Reports

Garrett Murray over at Maniacal Rage has a funny project called CS4 Crash Reports. He comes up with the strangest things to send to Adobe when his Photoshop CS4 crashes and asks him to describe the problem that occurred.

Here’s another gem:

I’ve never had a problem with CS4 crashing on me, but Firefox and Cyberduck do plenty of that.

CS4 Crash Reports (via Boing Boing)